Dental Marketing System by DentalMarketingHub


Doctors: Do you need a patient acquisition and retention program that will grow your dental practice?

Dental Marketing Hub provides dental marketing and sales services that acquire and retain qualified patients using interactive inbound and outbound marketing to get more leads and then convert them to buying customers.
  • Greater Case Acceptance - close more high value complex cases
  • Marketing and Sales plan that deliver more case acceptance
  • Dental Practice Management process that understands, creates, and delivers value to your patients.
  • Internet Marketing: Social Media Viral Marketing
  • Dental Blog:  Interact and communicate with your patients, plus better SEO results
  • Email Marketing and CRM combined with a Powerful Automation Engine:  Patient relationship management and automatically follow up using auto responders.
  • Ownership: Dental practice training & coaching that imparts specific tools and skills in identifying and redesigning unconstructive patterns of thought, freeing people to be more creative, flexible, resilient and change-able. As they come to recognize the Owner/ Victim option in any situation, people learn to make better choices and take more responsibility for their actions and reactions.
Dental Marketing Hub; providing a better way to grow your dental practice.  

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